Riot tonight with the original Chicana punk star, Alice Bag

Damn, I just found out about this Alice Bag event and it reminded me I never uploaded this video interview I took of her last year.  Tonight 8pm at the Echo Park Film Center, Alice Bag is going to take us back to her notorious punk riot days.  Nothing like a first person account with a trove of personal footage of those exciting times.  This woman lived and was at the epicenter of this insanely wild and revolutionary expression and lifestyle so she’s got a ton of unbelievable stories to share. I highly recommend her book, Violence Girl, from East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage.  According to the event description she’s going to talk about the time her band played at the Troubador and her boyfriend and sometime drummer for her band, Nickey Beat called Tom Waits an asshole inciting a full out brawl that got them kicked out.  She’s also going to share about one of the many times the LAPD busted a punk show for no good reason but to quell the menacing expression of punk.

It was so cool to meet and talk with Alice at last year’s NALIP.  Here is a 6 minute clip of our convo in which we talk about what the term Chicana means now, how strange it is to live in Arizona, and how she views today’s punk scene.

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