Looking for American Latino talent?  Here you go.  This is a personally curated, I vouch for list of writers/directors. It’s heavy on scripted film, but I’ll be including more and more TV names.  I’ve linked each name to the most appropriate bio/project website.  And again, this is a list of Latinos in the U.S. context.  It is SO important to make this distinction for cultural and class reasons. Often the most recognized “Latino” creators are in fact international; Latin American filmmakers who gained recognition making films in their country of origin and were able to translate that into opportunities here in the U.S., or people who have the resources to move to the U.S. and attend the best film school.  I’ve got nothing but love for them.  My point however is we need to boost the 2nd/3rd et al generations who don’t have the luxury of these kind of access points… which results in such a dire lack of representation, not to mention cool unique stories we are missing out on hearing.

Adrian Martinez

Alberto Barboza

Alberto Roldan

Alain Alfaro

Alex Rivera

Alfredo De Villa

Ana Asencio

Ana Montoya

Anthony Solorzano

Ari Maniel Cruz

Aurora Guerrero

Beth de Araujo

Bernardo Britto

Bernardo Ruiz

Brian Jordan Alvarez

Bryan Ramirez

Carlos Avila

Carlito Rodriguez

Carmen Marron

Cecilia Aldoronado

Cesar Mazariegos

Cristina Ibarra

Cristina Malavenda

Daniel Pfeffer

Cruz Angeles

Daniel Eduvijes Carrera

Danny Perez

Diego & Andres Meza Valdes

Diego Joaquin Lopez

Edgar Muniz

Eddie Alcazar

Fanny Veliz

Francisco Ordonez


Gustavo Guardado, Jr.

Gabriel Gustavo Ramos

Gabriela Taglivini

Gloria Moran

Hiram Martinez

Ivete Lucas

Iris Almaraz

Janicza Bravo

Jillian Mayer

Jim Mendiola

Jenee LaMarquee

Jesse Salmeron

Jessie Nickson Lopez

John Lopez

Joshua Sanchez

Josefina Lopez

Jorge Torres-Torres

Julian Yuri Rodriguez

Juan Cardarelli

Julia Ahumada Grob

Julie and Alex Diaz

Juanita Cepeda

Kenneth Castillo

Kisha Tikina Burgos

L. Gustavo Cooper

Lucas Leyva

Mary Angelica Molina

Mauro Flores Jr.

Michael D. Olmos

Miguel Arteta

Miguel Alvarez

Mike Mendez

Nancy Meijia

Nicole Gomez Fisher

Nick Oceano

Nick Duarte

Omar Bustos

Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Peter Bratt

Rafael Agustin

Rashaad Ernesto Green

Reinaldo Marcus Green

Raafi Rivero

R.F. Rodriguez

Richard J. Montoya

Ricardo Gamboa

Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Vincent Hugo Duran

Zoé Salicrup Junco


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