TRAILER WATCH: GRAVITY – Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi George Clooney starrer

Deadline News reports that Alfonso Cuaron’s sci fi thriller GRAVITY will have an out of competition world premiere screening at the venerable Venice Film Festival in August. The film stars A-list topping movie stars, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Cuaron’s precious Y Tu Mama Tambien also premiered in Venice back in 2001. Gravity will be released stateside in October. The teaser hits a striking mood and the terrifying, panicked note of drifting untethered alone in the big black abyss of outer space, regardless of the quiet, tranquil breathtaking view of our blue beautiful planet.

That makes two of the three Amigos directing Hollywood blockbusters put out by Warner Bros this year. Curiously, neither is a Universal Pictures release, the studio with who they have a first look deal with through their production company Cha Cha Cha. Guillermo del Toro’s $180 million dollar explosive giant drone action/sci-fi film Pacific Rim which also unleashed yet another trailer today, will be released next weekend after 4th of July. That leaves Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu (Amores Perros), the self described black sheep of the three. He’s got a really intriguing film in post called Birdman, which is being described by Indiewire’s Playlist as a meta kind of Kaufman flick about a washed up actor who use to play a superhero. Armando Bo, Argentine director of The Last Elvis co-wrote the script. Oscar nominated cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Tree of Life) – who also shot Gravity is the cinematographer on Birdman. Between Los Amigos and Malick they must be running him haggard! I’d say Alejandro has got the most real human intrigue, not to mention a stellar and unique cast going for him, including Emma Stone, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifanakis. It could hardly be called an indie film, but it is being put out by ‘specialty arm’ Fox Searchlight. The screen roll out on that film will obviously be considerably less than his compadres’ movies.

Who’s your favorite Amigo?

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